Attention Retirees!

Is your retirement boat sinking?

Still recovering from the 2008 crash?

Is your broker telling you to be patient… that the market will bounce back – and that a “rising tide” lifts all boats?

Stop relying on hope and chance when you invest… there is a better way to keep your retirement boat afloat.

I can show you how to have a predictable retirement income you can rely on!

Here are the facts: CDs and fixed accounts actually cost you money in the long run Taxes and inflation make them ineffective for retirement.

Were you thinking that bonds were a safe retirement investment? They’re not… in fact, in this low interest rate environment, bonds can be as risky as the stock market.

When interest rates go back up, bond prices plummet

There is a better way!

I can show you how you can secure a retirement income that you cannot outlive.

Are you relying on the market to do well the next 10 years so you can retire?

Don’t… another 2008 could happen next year

Is your retirement money sunk in CDs, bonds, and fixed accounts?

Don’t worry… I can show you how to secure your retirement plan

You need to start thinking outside of the box – and that’s my specialty

My name is Justin Struble

I’m the owner and founder of Wealth CAPS

The Market and your broker cannot give you a safe predictable income, I CAN!

I’m not a broker, I’m a Fixer

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